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The M2 features the most updated front and rear multi-link independent suspension system to increase driving comfort. In addition, the low center of gravity creates an outstanding stability in high speed driving. A fully optimized chassis system designed by Porsche engineering group is quite similar to those of sports cars. It grants high operation stability in high speed driving and varying weather and road conditions. The durability and reliability of the chassis system is another feature that improves the performance of the Brilliance M2. With its multiple and full-round safety body structure, the M2 enjoys an anti-theft system, a leading visual recognition concept and an automatic oil cut function trough inertia switch for a further secure driving experience.

Live the Pleasure
More than comfort, The Brilliance M2 offers a supreme interior that exceeds expectations. The ergonomics of the driver area and the high quality of the whole interior are exemplary in design as well as in finishing. The choice of materials and the workmanship fulfill the highest expectations, to bring you the best journey on the road. The M2 enjoys an AC with illumination sensor, an automatic constant temperature, Siemens VDO CD player with MP3 function, 8 speakers and frequency conversion. The M2 is also quiet with its all-around NVH reducing components such as the engine mute design and suspension, the optimized exhaust system, the 18 sound insulation boards in the body, the multi high performance sealing strip, the low noise power steering and the interior trim structure.

Beauty Reinvented
With a unique ingenious concept and design brought forth by the Italian designer Pininfarina, The Brilliance M2 emerges as seamless and elegant. This vehicle symbolizes beauty in its ultimate from along with a refined modern look. With a sleek line, the vehicle was created to fulfill passengers aspiration for a stylish design combined with a solid body. It features a V-shaped front design, a boosted front grill and LED running lights and taillights, a German Webst sunroof, a glare reduction rear view mirror, a remote control for windows by key and many others, thus fulfilling all the practical necessities of the passengers who take pleasure simply by looking at the Brilliance M2.

Advanced Safety features
The brilliance M2 features a collision protective steel beams in front and rear doors with inner reinforcements and an energy absorption structure. The front and side electronic airbags for the driver and the front passenger have inflation duration of 0.3 ms to insure maximum protection in case of crashes according to the latest safety standards.

The latest braking system comprises of ABS (Anti-lock Brake System), EBD (Electronic Brake Force Distribution) and EDS (Electronic Differential System) all of which guarantee accurate control in the process of braking, steering, accelerating, and preventing accidental occurrences such as side slips.

The pre-tension three-point seatbelt is equipped with a detonation generator which, in the event of an impact, is triggered by a certain amount of shock in order to ignite an explosive reaction which creates pressure that forces the extraction of the seatbelts.

A V-shaped steel beam in the engine room improves rigidity, reduces noise and vibration along with a retractable steering column that further enhances safety conditions.

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